Our resources are drawn from a number of industries and sources, but the majority come to Task from having heard of our excellent reputation or another member of the Task Engineering team through our varied industrial assignments.

Our experience is quite vast, but the main areas of expertise that currently fit Task’s client requirements are:

  • In general, 20 to 30+ years of industrial experience. Usually P.Eng. or post-secondary/continuing education.
  • Experience is often from the facility owners’ side of pulp & paper, chemical & petrochemical heavy industrial sectors in North America and internationally.
  • Senior technical and operations positions in maintenance, engineering, production, contracts administration/purchasing, etc. Includes individuals from the consulting industry.
  • Many have been, or are, principals of their own companies.
  • Experience includes planning, estimating, feasibility, procurement, contract administration, construction and project management. The general conduct of business.
  • Management of business and activities in both union and non-union environments.
  • Proficient computer skills often including SAP and other asset management systems.
  • Intimately familiar with the profile of safety in the workplace as all have held positions of responsibility.
  • Project Managers for projects of up to say $25,000,000.
  • The order of 20+ years in industry. Often with a combination of trade or technical education and practical experience.
  • Experience again can be from the owners’ side of heavy industry, but also designers and technologists from the consulting realm.
  • Individuals have most often taken a planning/coordination/contracts/computer oriented route in their careers with skills upgrading. Often familiar with SAP and other asset management systems.
  • Intimate construction and practical design knowledge. This group has been extensively involved in field activities and turnarounds or shut downs.
  • Planning, scheduling and coordinating owner and contracted construction activities.
  • Project management (value often <$1,000,000), contracts administration, RFQ preparation and bid evaluation from the owners, consultants, and contractors position. Have typically been a technical team member in larger projects (>$100,000,000).
  • Extensive 20+ years of heavy industrial experience. Frequently construction/maintenance supervisors and superintendents with a trade’s background. Experience covers all trades from electrical/instrumentation to mechanical/piping and soft trades.
  • If from an owner’s background, most have been maintenance supervisors or superintendents where they have interacted with their owners’ work forces and have also administered/interacted with contractor work forces.
  • If from the contractor side, the individuals have typically held senior positions such as project superintendent, which comes with estimating duties, safety, etc. Many have been owners of construction companies and may have moved into the consulting world.
  • Most have worked with consulting companies & owners as field coordinators and construction managers for projects and turnarounds.
  • Computer skills vary, but all are very functional as they are presently conducting business.
  • These individuals are very familiar with construction activities and are comfortable and accustomed to a construction environment.
  • Many years of operational experience often with boilers, chemical processes and varying exposure to mobile equipment.
  • Accustomed to interfacing with maintenance or construction groups.
  • Experienced in dealing with operations workforces.
  • Senior individuals are occasionally P.Eng. or with a B.Sc. education.
  • Often with technical training or have taken adult education partway through their working life.
  • Computer-based skills, such as drafting, are common. Technical mindset and some exposure to industry.
  • Typically very capable of learning new skills especially computer-based such as planning software or database manipulation/analysis etc.
  • Experienced supply chain personnel often with long careers at industrial sites.
  • Typically a broad range of exposure from the stores floor through procurement, sometimes management roles and occasionally contracts administration.
  • Our contracts administrators often have 20+ years’ experience in moderately large industrial settings dealing with operations and maintenance/projects.
  • Because many of our personnel are from the owner’s side of the business they have often been involved in implementing new initiatives such as changing asset management computer systems for instance, initiatives to reduce inventory, supporting material master (MM) projects, etc.

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