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Our personnel are typically quite senior, responsible individuals with varying technical or business backgrounds and are accustomed to taking care of the facility owner’s interests.

Our goal is to become familiar with our Clients’ business and sites where we provide our services. Our present business model is to support an average of three clients simultaneously in the oil and Pulp & Paper industries. This allows us to invest the time to understand your business and ensure that the individual we assign is well-suited. With this knowledge, when a client says a sentence we hear a paragraph and can cooperatively assist in solving problems. We are well-run, efficient and take action to ensure we grow responsibly and practically attend to the details of our business. We invest in systems to automate our processes in preparation for growth and/or change.

Typical assignments for Task Engineering Ltd. are Maintenance and Turn-Around Planning, Project Management for smaller projects (say less than $25,000,000), Material Masters creation and Bill of Material (BOM) development maturing into Reliability Program Development, Maintenance and Reliability Engineering plus Field Construction Coordination. In the Supply Chain area typical assignments are Procurement, Stores Set Up and Organization, plus Contracts Administration. Our personnel often have the broad-based skill set to perform different roles within these two general areas. We are active in the Heavy Oil Industry, Refinery settings, Pulp and Paper, and have experience in Hydro-Generation. Please see our “typical personnel profiles” found in the drop-down menu under “About Us” for a general description of a Task colleague. Although it is hard to quantify, our personnel turnover rate is well below 10%.

We don’t want every job on a site – we only want every job we should have. We consciously take actions to look after the overall health of our clients and the welfare of our personnel so that both parties, along with Task Engineering Ltd., can benefit from successful business relationships. As a company we will support your management team; our personnel will be on your management team. We visit our personnel and clients at site approx. 10 times per year to ensure we are meeting our clients needs and checking on the welfare of our personnel.

Our safety performance has been exemplary with 1 recordable injuries in 21 years for an MIR of 0.0. We believe these safety statistics prove that we have a content and responsible workforce involved in good working environments. These same items critical to our safety performance are also critical to our economic success. We continuously evaluate our Health Safety and Environmental program to ensure our program meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements. Our program specifically addresses the seconded worker, which we believe will be unique to the industry.

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