Safety Vision


Task Engineering Ltd. (Task) is committed to the protection of our Task Workers, the public, equipment, material and the environment from accidental injury, illness, damage or other losses.

As such, we will provide our Task Workers a workplace, or ensure the Client provides a workplace, where recognized health and safety hazards are controlled within acceptable limits.  We will provide all required financial, human and organizational resources to ensure such control.

To achieve this goal, we will ensure compliance to Legislated, Industry, Client and Company standards by our management, Task Workers, subcontractors and suppliers. Because we often provide services on worksites managed and controlled by others, the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSE-MS) of that company may be designated to apply to our Task Workers, subcontractors and suppliers on that specific work site. The HS&E-MS to govern the work will be clearly communicated in the terms of engagement with any such Task Workers, subcontractors and suppliers.

Occupational health and safety and environmental care is a line responsibility.  Accidental loss is controlled by proactive management methods combined with active participation of all line supervision and field workers from all the varied parties on the job site.

Specific safety responsibilities are clearly outlined in our OH&S program. By maintaining safety, quality and production as equal elements and co-dependent elements of our work, we will achieve excellence in health, safety and environmental performance.

Task Engineering Ltd. is a certified member of Avetta.

Avetta Certificate

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