Why Task Engineering

For our Resources and Potential Resources

We are a stable, well-run, organized company and strive to be the best employer for stable, organized individuals and sub-contractors. By limiting the number of clients we have, and getting to know the practical aspects of their business, we are more able to consider a broad range of factors to meet our goal of providing challenging opportunities that have a healthy work/life balance. We have also recently made a voluntary resource sponsored health care plan available to our work force that encompasses health care including prescription drugs, dental coverage, life and disability insurance.

In the 16 years that Task Engineering has been in business, we have had two first aid incidents and no lost time incidents. Again, this is an MIR of 0. Granted, while our work assignments are management in nature, and our people are typically very familiar with industrial settings because of their previous work experience, we are still in the field with all of the inherent risks. Not to tempt fate, but in order to have this success in safety, we believe it proves that our workforce is content, focused and we are involved in good working environments with responsible clients. Also, although it is hard to quantify, our personnel turnover rate is very low.

Task Engineering Ltd. is reasonably small (presently less than 100 personnel) and focused on providing seconded management assistance to good clients in heavy industrial settings. Although we operate in the consulting world with its inherent instability, we care about your welfare and actively manage our business to support you. In considering someone for an assignment we take into account whether it will suit their living situation, their long-term goals, if they will enjoy the duties, the details of travel and accommodations and the overall situation. If there is a compromise in the fundamental structure of an assignment, whether it is over or under qualification of an individual for instance, excessive travel time, site working conditions, or even the status of a project, we communicate these items clearly to you in the same fashion we communicate them with our client to ensure everyone is well-informed prior to making a commitment. Once a commitment is made we expect responsible conduct and communications from our personnel, our clients, and demand it of Task’s management personnel. We then constructively manage the assignment for the benefit of all parties.

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How to apply

So that you are aware - we do not tolerate misrepresentation, not even once. There is a good job for every responsible person, but not every job suits every person. Our assignments vary from longer term commitments of as much as a year at time, and sometimes continuation for a number of years, to commitments of as little as a few months. We are supportive of workforce diversity and encourage applications from qualified individuals.