About Us


Our core business is providing management assistance with experienced and stable management people to support our clients’ teams. Typical duties encompass:

We provide management services with experienced management personnel who are accustomed to owning facilities and managing work onsite. We have experience dealing with management functions related to industrial facilities because our people typically have management backgrounds, either as the owner of a facility or in a senior managerial role with a contractor/supplier.

Trades, planning, contracts/purchasing and Engineering/drafting backgrounds are common.


Founded by Andy Kyfiuk P.Eng. (B.Sc. Mech. Eng. 1985 UofA) in 1997, Task Engineering Ltd. has provided management services to the Pulp & Paper, Hydro Generation, and Industrial Construction industries in Western Canada since its inception. This service was expanded to the Heavy Oil Industry in Northern Alberta in 2006. We are typically active at three sites simultaneously with present staffing of 20 and see our current growth potential capable of climbing back to 60 - 80 personnel.

We will continue to support the management teams, key stakeholders and facility owners to assist in the organization and practical execution of work. We have the resources to address any organizational requirement associated with an industrial facility.